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Hi, I'm Kelly. Nice to meet you!

Ever since I was young, I have loved immersing myself in stories. Reading, watching cartoons, creating epic sweeping fantasy sagas in my purple velvet cape in the backyard, I was a story fanatic. When I found out I could be IN a story on stage, it was hard to get me off one. So after growing up in the SoCal theater scene, I attended the University of Southern California (Fight on!) where I graduated with a BA in Theatre and a minor in Musical Theater (a stretch, I know). I then left the west coast for New York City, where I studied acting with some amazing teachers, had a taste of performing in off-Broadway productions, and danced my heart out with Enfocus Dance Company. It was after a musical theater audition that I stumbled into a VO audition, and I was hooked. (What?! You don’t care what I look like? I can make the most ridiculous faces in the booth and as long as I get the sound out that I need, that’s cool? Sweet!) I am now back on the west coast working as a voice over artist and recording commercials, video games, animation and audiobooks to name a few. When I am not in the booth, I am most likely playing with my ridiculously adorable daughter. Seriously, don’t get me started, we will be here all day. 


Need a VO for your project? Contact me to find out more information and how we can start working together today.

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