Kelly is delighted to portray the character of Scout in the new virtual reality game from Otherworld Interactive, "Hello Puppets!". If you like horror and video games, this one is for you! View the trailer below.

Kelly is proud to join the roster of The Daniel Hoff Agency. You can reach out to her agent below.

Kelly (as her pseudonym Katie McAble) talks books and the upcoming holidays with co-narrator Lorenzo Matthews and author Randi Cooley Wilson on Jocqueline M Protho's The Audio Flow Podcast.

Kelly is thrilled to be the voice of Convergint Technologies, introducing the company to thousands in their newest video.

Kelly is happy to report that she has signed with Discover Managment! She is so excited to join the team, and looks forward to working with them. 

The touching coming of age story "Big Dose of Lucky" by Marthe Jocelyn is now available on Audible!

Kelly gets to introduce new Starbucks flavors on iTunes radio.



"Part of the high-interest series Secrets, this audiobook includes support for reluctant readers through narrator Kelly Pruner's clear diction, easy pacing, and decidedly conversational tone. In Canada, 1964, 16-year-old Malou lives in an orphanage. When a fire destroys it, she receives a single clue about her parentage and sets off on her own. The clue brings her to a town with an unusually large number of children of color—a town full of secrets. Mature topics are introduced but handled age-appropriately. Besides delivering the occasional Canadian "eh?", Pruner doesn't attempt to effect Canadian, First Nation, or African–American accents or manners of speech. Listeners will feel Malou could be any contemporary friend."


Kelly's a total pro and a total pleasure to work with! She can jump from one emotion to another with ease, takes direction really well, and invests the role with her own personal touch that really brings it to life. Thanks Kelly!

Andrew Allen - Writer

Kelly was extremely versatile in the studio and delivered fantastic quality performances for the lead role on our project. Her ability to find the right mood for any given line was remarkable, I recommend her highly.

Philip Eberhart - Producer


Neil Gaiman

"The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can. "




Arlene Glucksman - The Daniel Hoff Agency
Lisa Reed Tucker - Discover Management